Santorini wine tasting tour
Santorini wine tasting tour
Wine tasting in Gaia Winery in Santorini
Wine tasting in Gaia Winery in Santorini
Art Space winery in Santorini, Greece
Art Space winery in Santorini, Greece
Art space winery in Santorini
Art space winery in Santorini
Asyrtiko grape variety of Santorini
Asyrtiko grape variety of Santorini
Santorini wines
Santorini wines
Santorini wine tour
Santorini wine tour


Santorini Private Wine Adventure Tour

There is nothing like Santorini wine tasting on the edge of the cliff with a breathtaking Caldera view and the best Greek wines in your glass. Enjoy Santorinian aromas and flavours combined with unforgettable views and places, learn about a unique wine region of Santorini and winemaking during your Santorini wine tour with Omega Travel!

Duration: 4 hours
Languages: English, Russian, Chinese
Group, Private: for private parties and groups
Transportation: A/C Luxury Mercedes Mini Van
Ε-Voucher Accepted



Our Santorini wine tour introduces you to the specific conditions of growing grapes on the volcanic soil and uncovers the unique ways of winemaking. You will be given relevant information about the historical and economic impact of local wines on the life of the island, and we promise some outstanding scenery for your wine tasting, too!


What you will do:

Visit a local vineyard to see from close what it takes to grow the most ancient grapes in Europe counting more than 3600 years of history in the most unique wine-growing region of Greece.

Taste & buy unique Santorinian wines made only in private wineries with extremely limited production. Most of these exquisite drinks could be tasted and bought only in the places included in this tour. And many of them have won lately famous international awards!

Visit a Cliffside winery with a fantastic Caldera view, followed, of course, by a wine tasting. 
Such a picturesque place will encourage you to take many pictures here to boast of in front of your friends, colleagues and the whole world!

Travel in time visiting an underground wine museum, followed, again, by a wine tasting. Nothing like ever before! This time you are going to see the development of winemaking in Santorini, the old tools and presses that we were using in previous centuries to produce wines. All of that is presented in one of the oldest wineries of the island, inside the pumice & rock caves, hiding you from both the sun and the rain. At the end of our visit the wine makers are going to treat you with the best island wines of the world!

Get to know another little, traditional wine production of Santorini. Located in a picturesque little village hiding its secrets among the volcanic stones, this winery with the title of the “Best winery of Greece” is definitely a must to be visited and to drink some more of the delicious nectars of Santorini!

Uncover the way of making local beer visiting a brewery of Santorini. “Crazy donkey”, “Yellow donkey” and the “Red donkey” are the names of our local beer brand, and you would not want to miss that!


What’s included:

  • Local knowledgeable guide-local wine expert
  • Local English speaking professional driver
  • Comfortable, air-conditioned transportation
  • Entrance fees to the wineries and brewery
  • Wine tasting at each winery

If you have children touring with you: wherever available, they will be offered a soft drink or a juice


What’s not included:

  • Snacks and meals


Meeting point:

At the exit of the cable car (up the Cliffside), Fira city center, Athinios port, your hotel reception


Customize your Santorini wine tour according to your preferences

Our Santorini wine tour introduces you to the unique terroir (grape-growing conditions) of the archipelago and the outstanding varieties of wine it has to offer. There are many regional wineries to choose from, making it possible to personalize your tour. We will select three of the best wineries based on what flavors you are looking to explore. Relax, enjoy the scenery and the best and most rare wines of the world offered by the vineyards of Santorini.


Advantages of taking a Santorini wine tasting tour with Omega Travel:

  • Starts at any time you like
  • May end with your last wine-tasting during the sunset time
  • It is private or in a small group of 6-10 people
  • You are taken off the beaten path to experience more
  • A visit to a little brewery is included
  • At some wineries a surprise like ouzo or tsikoudia (moonshine) tasting might follow!
  • No trouble of how to return back to your ship or hotel. We’ll take care of your safe delivery!


The unique conditions of growing grapes in Santorini

In Santorini we are growing specific varieties of grapes since the time the humanity remembers itself and yet from before the biggest eruption of the world. Since then not many things changed in the way of grapes’ growing due to some certain features we have to follow.

The unique climate of the island combined with the volcanic soil make the conditions especially favorable for growing our ancient varieties – if you know how to do that. In fact, our grapes are so well trained that we do not even pore them! Therefore they acquire the unique mineral taste that makes our wines stand apart from the rest.

Santorini itself has limited vineyards due to the small size of the island. Therefore we protect our grape varieties on a national level, although it requires specific knowledge and experience from our wine makers.

It’s not easy to find a vineyard for sale in Santorini, and it is not allowed to grow other vegetables in it or to build in its place.


Santorinian Wine Makers

Our most successful wine makers dedicate their whole life to their business and have their own techniques in order to succeed.

The secrets of quality wine making are being passed from the older generations to the next ones, and nowadays you can often see the sons and the grandsons devoted to the whole process contributing their ideas, especially in how to sell and to promote the product.

Somehow, the experience shows that only the rare, local varieties of the Greek wines get the best critics from the Wine Spectator and from international wine awards, therefore, the wines from Santorini are extremely appreciated by the world market for their unique tastes that cannot be compared to anything else. And all of this is brought to your glass by our small traditional wineries located on the best island of the world.


Local Grape Varieties and Santorini’s most famous wines

Long time ago we had several hundreds of varieties grown in Santorini. Wine was the main product that the island could export bringing back necessary things and even potable water.

Since tourism started developing we almost lost the unique culture of grapes growing and many unique local varieties. Fortunately, the winemakers of Santorini realized that they are going to lose the heritage of their ancestors, and switched from easy money that the hotel business started bringing to the hard work of wine production under the hot sun, on the earth that is not that rich.

Now we can still boast of more than fifty grapes’ varieties, yet we are using mostly about ten of them.

Every winery produces three most famous types of Santorinian wine:

  • Assyrtiko (many times under the trade name of “Santorini”),
  • Nychteri (the “night” wine)
  • and a famous liqueur wine Vinsanto (translated as “Holy Wine” or Vino di Santo – “Santorinian Wine”).

Somehow, all these wines have a bit different flavour depending on the winery and its traditions. 
And we know the places where they make them the best!

The most famous and the most ancient grape variety of Santorini is Assyrtiko.

This is the grape that came to us from the past: from the times of probable Lost Atlantis, yet at least 3600 years ago. It is the one that has brought the golden international medals and awards to many Santorinian wines. More than that, since Assyrtiko was introduced to the international market as a type of wine, it immediately took its special place in the hearts of the wine critics. Now it belongs to the three most important white dry wines in the world!

Nychteri is another famous dry white wine of Santorini, made from the same Assyrtiko variety. Yet it has more fruity, tender flavour and taste that many times correspond better to the ladies’ mood. The grapes for Nychteri are often not being crushed, therefore the wine obtains all the aromas from the skin bringing them right to your glass, refreshing your feelings during a hot summer day.

Vinsanto is definitely the most characteristic and the brightest wine of Santorini, sharing with you all the sweetness of this land, the sun and a bit of summer in a highly concentrated way. This liqueur wine is made almost out of the raisins, and we emphasize that its sweetness is all natural.
This is the wine that brought wealth to the island yet back in the times of the captains. It is the one that was exported to Russia first and followed to some other countries.

When you try home wine from the island it always has a little shade of a strong Vinsanto.

The wine producers are using three traditional grape varieties to make this wine, and they are all white, no matter that the wine colour is brownish-reddish. The ingredients are Athiri, Aidani and again Assyrtiko grapes.

Santorini is most famous for its white varieties that form the most of the island’s vineyards.

Only the most patient producers, caring about the rare kinds, grow also some other grapeslike

  • Katsano


  • Gaidouria

making less than 1% of the total harvest of the island.

Going further, our winemakers experiment and bring to the world wine community some traditional
red grapes’ varieties too, like

  • Voudomato
  • Mavrotragano
  • Mavrathiro
  • Mantilaria

The red wines of Santorini are especially stiff  and dry, unless you are charmed once and forever by a fairy sweet taste of a unique Mavrathiro grape, giving you all the sweetness of the volcanic soil, and more. 


The Unique Santorini Wine Experience

Visiting just one winery you can get an idea of Santorinian wines but still cannot imagine the whole bouquet of its flavours. Therefore, we encourage you to dedicate some of your time to visiting several private wine producers in order to appreciate truly what nature and winemakers can offer.

The wine experts believe that very soon such rare and quality wines made in Santorini will gain a big increase in price. While these wines are yet very affordable we dare you to get the most of your visit of Santorini and taste as many wines as you can! The rest you can place in your suitcase or ship home! 

A glass of a local wine from Santorini brings you the sun, the sea, the warmth and love of the local producer, whose hands took such a special care of both the grapes and the final product.

All we may ask from you is to discover the world of our wines and take home a part of Santorini in a bottle!

Book your island wine tour today with Omega Travel!

You do not drink wine but are longing for knowledge and rare impressions?

Make them all jealous seeing your pictures from our private Wine Adventurous Tour and sharing impressive facts and stories about winemaking in Santorini!


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  • After you make the deposit you will receive the final confirmation of your tour. 


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