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How to Get the Most Out of Your Time on Santorini

When you chose Santorini for your get-away destination, you knew it was going to be amazing. You have probably read about the many things to do on the island and all the places to see. There are a large number of places to stay, many restaurants at which to eat, and a seemingly endless list of activities to participate in. Whether you are stopping for a day off the cruise ship or plan on staying a little longer, the number one thing to experience is a tour around the island.

Some Tips to Make the Most of Your Santorini Trips

1. Plan ahead of time – Planning what you will do every day you are on the island might seem like a bit much, especially because you are on holiday. However, planning and booking a tour ahead of time will ensure that you get to have the experience you want. If you were to wait until you arrived at your destination to book a tour, you may not get to go the day you prefer or at all depending on how busy the island is at the time.

2. Go with your instincts – If horseback riding has always scared you to no end, don't try it for the first time on your vacation. Trying new things can be fun, but taking unnecessary risks doesn’t have to be on that list. Doing something that causes anxiety isn't usually a good idea anyway, so why would you do that to yourself?

3. Try something you have never done before – Your something new doesn't have to mean thrill-seeking and pushing the envelope, but broadening your horizons and trying new foods or participating in cultural activities can be really fun. People on holiday are more likely to break down their walls because they are usually surrounded by people they will never see again. Suddenly, having a lively conversation with a complete stranger isn't so scary any more. There are many opportunities for cultural experiences during excursions of the island.

4. Plan to take at least a few photographs – Not many people can say they have been somewhere as unique and even fewer can prove it. Taking a few photos, even with a small disposable camera will be well worth it. Your stay on this archipelago is sure to be a trip you will remember for years to come. Why not be able to relive the memories when you're far away at home again with a framed photo or an album to look through every once in a while.

Trust us; take pictures, even if it is just a few. You'll have experiences and see things you won't want to forget. Souvenirs can be great reminders, but none will capture beauty and culture like a photograph can.

5. Keep timetables in mind – Most trips have a time limit and it is usually the job of the guide to keep track of it for you. If you have some free time during a trip, it is important to remember where you need to be and when to meet up with everyone again. It's easy to get caught up in the gorgeous scenery and large crowds. The last thing you want is to be left behind on a trip you paid for.

For the most part, this doesn't happen too often and it can be completely avoided if you opt for personalized private tours. On these tours, your guide will be with you the entire time so you won't have to look at the clock. Thanks to the smaller number of travelers, you usually get more time to see everything and are able to visit places that large groups aren't able to.

General Suggestions for Tourists

  • Don't pack more than you need – It is so common for vacationers to over pack. You can't bring every article of clothing you own and you shouldn't need to. You are staying on an island in the Aegean Sea. All you have to do is look up the weather for the time of year you'll be visiting and plan for that. Over packing can lead to higher costs for transporting luggage and take up valuable souvenir room in your suitcase. Who wants that? If you end up truly needing something that you didn't bring, there are a number of places that will have a supply commonly requested items on hand.
  • Be flexible – Things happen. You might not be able to enjoy the beach one day because of the weather or that restaurant you wanted to try might not have any room when you want to sit down to dinner. Yes, you are on vacation, but so are most of the people on the island. Being flexible could open up new opportunities that you never even thought of and lead to an even better experience.
  • Remember to have fun and relax – A lot of travelers tend to be very stressed, and rightly so. It is nerve wracking to journey to a different country, keep track of your things, and get around where you might not know the language. While it is important to always be aware of what is going on around you, it is also imperative to give your mind, body, and soul a break and find a nice, quiet place to relax and unwind. Whether that is your hotel room or one of our many beaches, take advantage of the sea breeze and breathtaking views while you can. When your holiday is over, you will wish you spent more time doing just that.

Experience Santorini in Your Own Way

The most important thing to remember is to keep your vision of the perfect vacation at the forefront. You are ultimately in control of how your time on the island will be spent. Whether you try to squeeze in every single tour you can or you just enjoy a few, the quality of your stay is up to you.

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