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Santorini Stories

Love is in the Salty Air

The sun falls into the crystal clear blue sea and you hold the hand of your other half. The red and the pink are mixed up with the blue, the violet and the orange. The romantic beauty of Santorini is all over the place and the organized guided private tour has brought you to the best spot on the island. Well then, that’s the perfect moment you were waiting for months.

This impressive and captivating island of Greece, with its volcano and astonishing landscapes, is a place to be for couples and lovers. During the last decade, Santorini is the top wedding and honeymoon destination. It couldn’t be different. This steep volcanic island was born because of love. The love of Kalliste and Euphemus. According to an ancient Greek myth, Santorini was formed out of a miracle to become the safe haven of the nymph and daughter of a sea god Kalliste. When she got pregnant by the Argonaut Euphemus, she needed a safe haven to hide and give birth to their child. She asked Euphemus to take a clod of earth from another Cycladic island, Anaphe, and throw it into the sea. As a divine miracle, an island suddenly emerged to provide a place for the pregnant woman. Euphemus named this island either Kalliste, which means the most beautiful, either Strogyli, due to its round shape. Mythology explains why Santorini is the most romantic, amorous, picturesque island on Earth.

Follow the steps of Kalliste and Euphemus through cruise shore excursions to the most romantic places on the whole world.

For sure, you must wander the Caldera villages that offer the best view of the island. Amor has found a trail. Start your excursion from the capital of the island, Fira where you can enjoy your dinner and shopping literally at the top of the cliff. The whole of the Fira is connected by a twirl path at the edge of the abyss, which offers an excellent view to the volcano. Make a walk or try to enjoy a donkey ride. During the sunsets, life stops in order to admire the palette of colors. Everyone pauses for a while as the sun falls deep into the sea behind Nea Kameni. The sunset in Santorini triggers every heart. Love is everywhere, in the air, in the colors, in every breath you take.

Walking to the North, at the end of your walk, you will find Oia, a multicolor stunning village that sits at the edge of the abyss. The local people call Oia “Apano Meria”, which means something like “The place on the top” maybe of the world. Oia is something better than a paradise on Earth. This small exquisite village is the favorite place of artists, photographers and lovers for its astonishing view and its romantic atmosphere. Whitewashed houses that are enlightened by the red of the sunset, narrow backstreets, salty air and Mediterranean aromas. Its beauty is unsurpassed and sometimes, under the multicolor sky, Oia doesn’t seem real.

Explore the Medieval Atmosphere

Exploring Megalochori on a shore excursion in Santorini, Greece

( Megalochori Village, Santorini, Greece )

Not many tourists know and visit the romantic Castles and Fortresses of the island. There is “a thing” about the big stones, remains of a glorious past. You can imagine past life, pirates and knights wandering around. Sounds and whispers. Towers and secrets. Follow unseen heroes in these past trails. Skaros is one of the five Kasteli of Santorini. It is the most important attraction in Imerovigli, an impressive rock seen also from Fira. This small piece of land, where once stood an inviolable castle with the public and private buildings of the island's medieval capital, is the perfect place for a proposal.

The beauty of a Lighthouse

Fira and Oia are not the only places to catch this colorful magic. There are many other places from where you two can admire the orange, the red and the yellow of the setting sun. Each spot gives you its own colors and landscapes. Each sunset enters your soul and lives there forever. The Lighthouse near Akrotiri -known to local people as Faros- is a secret place. Faros looks attractive in the romantic light of the sun when it goes down and even lovelier under the pink sky before night falls. It’s pure magic. Combined with the songs of seagulls flying overhead, Faros is an incredible sunset-watching spot.

Lighthouse or Faros in Santorini, Greece

( Lighthouse, also known as Faros, near Akrotiri village ) 

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