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Santorini Stories

Unforgettable Tours on the Most Famous Greek Island

They say that if you run on a rainbow, you will be found in a magical place full of treasures, a place blessed by Gods, a paradise on Earth. This unique place is the beautiful and bewitching island of Santorini. For sure, you have seen capturing pictures of the island before. Its colorful sunsets are famous and among the reasons why the island is every year a top tourist destination. This half-moon shaped island has secret places and things to explore. The only thing you have to do is to trust Dimitris and Veroniki. They can organize for you unforgettable private tours in Santorini , tailor-made and customized to your plans and program. With the shore excursions in Santorini, Greece  of the Omega Travel agency you will be able to discover why so many tourists have been attracted and have left their hearts here.

Santorini is a place to be for many reasons. Every tourist has unique memories and leaves the island with different, “one in a lifetime” experiences. But they all agree that the island is a puzzle of amazing characteristics, mixed up to create a safe haven for their souls. Well then. Let’s see why Kallisti -as the island was named earlier- is the most famous of the other Greek islands.

  • Its breathing volcano: Not many people can say that they have experienced an active volcano first-hand. The volcano of the island is an incredible mark of the history of our planet and what made the island what it is today. It continues to rule Caldera and attracts the attention. You can experience walking on the edge of the volcano and feel the power of the steams.
  • The wine: The island is a double paradise on Earth for the lovers of wine. You must taste Katsano and Gaidouria, which are white grapes, blended to make a unique wine. Mavrotrogano is also famous, most commonly used for making sweet red wines and Assyrtiko is a well known grape variety used to make different types of dry and sweet.
  • The colorful sunsets: While exploring Santorini, the top things to do is to chase the magic of the sunset. Oia, Fira and Firostefani are the best places to visit for this reason. They are the favorite places for artists, photographers and couples. Located over Caldera and on the northern side of the island, they offer the most romantic and breathtaking sunset in the world. The beauty of the villages with its whitewashed houses at the edge of the cliff is spectacular. But these three villages are not the only places to catch this colorful magic. There are many other places to discover by yourself in order to admire the orange, the red, the violet and the yellow of the setting sun. Each spot shows you the best sunset with its own colors and landscapes.
  • The unique beaches: Many people love the beaches of Santorini and find their unique sand and natural setting to be more memorable than just another sandy beach of Greece. Most of the beaches are composed of dark sand, but you can find white and red sand also. You can feel the heat of the volcano and you will be sunbaked at once. The scenery is just breathtaking, with the cliffs around.
  • The caldera : From the first moment you disembark from the boat that transfers you to the old port of Fira (during your cruise), you will see the cliffs and the lines that scrape the blue of the Aegean sky. Heart beating views, unique colors and salty aromas. With our private tours, you can climb the cliff by cable car or -if you would prefer it- on a donkey. Santorini is an island with more donkeys than people and it is the funniest way to visit Fira, the capital of the island, located on the top of the cliff, overlooking Caldera. During the shore excursion in Thira, Santorini, visitors can enjoy, apart from the archeological and art museums and the galleries, shopping and dining at the top of the cliff. Earrings and necklaces, rings, clothing and all kind of souvenirs alongside with designer items and famous boutiques -visitors can find everything. Fira is the island’s largest shopping center and heads the nightlife section. During the sunset, have a drink while capturing the magnificent colors. Even if you are not a romantic guy, the sunset in Santorini makes your heart melt. Love is everywhere, in the air, in the colors, in every breath you take.

Tours in Oia village, Santorini

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