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Santorini Stories

Once in a lifetime experience on the pearl of the Aegen Sea - Santorini island, Greece!

You have booked your vacation to the most seducing and bewitching island of the whole world, Santorini.

An island with more churches with blue domes than houses. An island with more cute donkeys than people. An island with more Dionysian wine than water. An island like no other. Pack your luggage, schedule in advance your tour from a cruise ship with our agency and be prepared to live breathtaking experiences.

For most visitors, sightseeing is limited to taking a boat tour to the volcano, walking the caldera villages and watching the sunset from Oia ∙usual things for usual visitors. We have the know-how for unforgettable and different vacations. Tell us every secret will you have and we can arrange everything. Live once in a lifetime moments.

  • Cliff jumping at Ammoudi Bay. Ammoudi is actually hidden from the human eye. Like very other paradise, you must know where to look on the secret map. While being at Oia, look for a big set of stairs, which go down to the bay. It requires 235 stairs climbing to reach. But the beauty and the blue of the sky will be worth the effort. Do not stop there. Walk left, along the cliff and over the rocks while hearing the music of the waves and the cries of the seagulls, and you will be found in a paradise on Earth. Climb the rock near the church of Saint Nikolas, take a big breath and dive into the blue waters. Freedom is the absolute feeling.
  • Visit the amazing castles, the Katselis as the local people call them. Remnants of the Byzantine era and the Frankish occupation, the five castles of Santorini hide the steps of pirates along their windy big walls. Located at Oia, Pyrgos, Emporio, Akrotiri and Skaros, they are evidences of the Santorini’s power over the centuries.
  • Explore the island in a funny way. Either you hire a quad bike or you go horseback, this is the funniest way to explore this beautiful and colorful island. With the wind of the Aegean and the aromas of the flowers in your hair, discover areas that are not accessible or known to the majority.
  • Sunbake on the black, red and white beaches: this steep island with the unusual volcanic rock formations and the pumice stone has stunning beaches, found nowhere else in this planet. Your feet will fry immediately and you will get three shades darker. But, that’s part of the fun. Right?
  • Walk, just walk. Explore the Caldera villages on foot. Oia, Fira, Firostefani and Imerovigli are the villages with the most beautiful view over the Caldera. Small whitewashed houses with blue shutters, windy and narrow side streets, restaurants and bars perched on the edge of the abyss, colorful flowers and the dominant sunset. No painter could paint such colors. Fall in love with the purple and the orange of the sky while the sun sets. That’s pure magic. Live romantic moments and fall in love with the island of the nymph Kalliste.

Walking path from Fira to Oia village, Greece

Either you are planning to stay on Santorini or you come here while on a Mediterranean cruise, trust our passion to show you all the island has to offer. In addition, experience one of our tours for cruise ship passengers . After all, Santorini is an island, surrounded by crystal clear blue waters. Take the boat, catch the waves and why not… Jump off to the yellowish water of the hot springs. Wow! Freedom!

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